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Law Chic Style is the creative vision of Ms. Trenika L. Fields, J.D.

Post graduating from law school at Southern University Law Center, Trenika had a desire to share her interest in the glamorous life, and marry it with her status as a corporate fashionista.  Her vision: give a voice to the professional who loves to be trendy, but their reality has them trapped behind the dull confines of a corporate look. Trenika believes that it is not only her duty to uphold the law but it is also her duty to help others embrace their individuality without compromising the integrity of the corporate environment.

Trenika has worked in legal departments for some of the most well known entertainment and apparel companies, including a stint at BET Networks as well as Hot Topic, Inc. —known for their edgy apparel and fashion “sister” company, Torrid. She manages to add a bold and edgy, yet sophisticated style to her passion for the law, fashion, and entertainment. It was only a matter of time before she combined her interests to create a masterpiece.

Be Bold. Be Edgy. Be Sophisticated.

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 8.24.39 PM

Embrace your Law Chic Style!

Trenika L. Fields, J.D.

Editor-in-Chief, Law Chic Style

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