Gone with the wind in shades of grey!

Hello My Loves!

First, I would like to apologize for the lapse in my blog posts; however, it was all for good reason! Recently, I moved to Atlanta, GA, for a new job!!! That’s right, I packed my bags after living in Louisiana for three years due to law school and headed to Atlanta to continue my dream of pursing a career in law! It’s truly exciting to be in a new place, meeting new people, and experiencing new beginnings!

securedownload-2Now, let’s get back to business! Here’s my outfit from my first day. It’s definitely taken an adjustment getting used to the weather here, in Atlanta…talk about Brrrrr!!!!

I work in a business casual environment, so the dress code is a little more laxed than business professional. However, still be cognizant of your work environment.

It’s Fall season so I layered a grey vest I purchased from Forever 21 with a pair of grey slacks from Macys, a sheer ruffle top and a grey jacket that I got a steal from, ROSS…yes I said ROSS! For only $12 bucks! Sometimes you find the best bargains in Ross. Caution: MUST HAVE PATIENCE! LOL.