Redefining Business Casual

There’s a thin line between business professional and business casual.  Business professional is appropriate during the interview process.  Men should stick to dark suits and ties and ladies may choose to either wear a pant suit or dress suit. Note: Ladies remember, if you wear a dress suit, don’t forget the stockings! Once you’ve landed the job, depending on the environment, business causal may be suitable for the workplace!

Business casual was implemented in the work force to create a comfortable workplace for the employee. One thing to note, although business casual is more lax than business professional, it does not mean that anything goes.

MEN – In the past, business casual for men were khakis with polos or button down shirts and/or pants that were not tailored to the man’s physique. Today’s business casual man is more sophisticated and hip. Take a look at GQ’s issue on “The New Business Casual for more tips on hot trends for men’s business casual” at GQ has some amazing options for you fly guys out there!


LADIES – Ladies, ladies, ladies unfortunately, for us, business casual looks can become a bit tricky so BEWARE of any fashion faux pas! You’re still in a professional environment which means no outfits that will be frowned upon by your employer.  The website, says, “keep it covered, neutral, and classic.”  If you have a bold and edgy style, why not add some color for fabulousity! Dresses and skirts should be at or below the knee and no, I MEAN NO low tops that show your cleavage…leave that for after 5!  There are tons of tops to choose from, so have fun with them! Remember: Always keep a blazer either in your car or at the office, you never know when you’ll have a last-minute meeting. We have lots of freedom with our shoes. Just make sure to stay far far away from the flip-flops!



Business casual look created by Law Chic Style – The perfect look if you have plans afterwork


Working in Curves

Great fashion comes in all forms and our curvaceous women are definitely no exception to the rule!
The curvaceous working woman style has evolved over time (about time, right)?!?!  Women of all shapes are embracing their bodies as well as given flare to their personal style. Out with the frumpy and oversized dresses and in with the slick, chic style of the sassy everyday working woman!  Here are a few great finds from one of my favorite stores, ASOS…the price point for these items are a steal!  All for the woman working in curves!
Happy Shopping! Xoxo
ASOS Tux Jacket
Tux Jacket
High Waist Pencil Skirt
Love this entire look! 
Salt N’ Pepper Blazer
The color of this dress is perfect for Fall!
This jacket is a must have! Remember, yesterday I mentioned plaid is so tres chic this Fall!
The perfect jacket for those cold winter days!
A must have LBD for the office!
Cute silk vest!
Lace blouses are always a hit!
All about the print!
How cute is this look for a “Casual Friday?!?!”